Soon, friends and family members began to request Suzzanne's help to plan and design their parties and events. As word spread of her talent and eye for design, businesses began hiring her to decorate their stores and hotels for the holiday season. From wedding flowers, to haunted houses, to glamourous Christmas displays- Suzzanne could do it all. And through it all, her passion for hosting parties kept her dreaming of the perfect venue.

Finally, a dream come true, "Lucy" was created! Named after Suzzanne's beloved grandmother, "Lucy" is a 35 ft. long RV which the Vogue Glamour crew has repurposed into a beautiful mobile venue for parties and events. Now you, too, can take advantage of Vogue Glamour's talent and creativity to carry out your next event!

Party packages are available. Please contact us for details and pricing.


It all started with a little girl

with big dreams.

Suzzanne grew up spending time with her grandmother, Lucy, in her shop. From a very young age, Suzzanne was interested in fashion and décor. Soon after high school, she became a Cosmetologist. As she grew

and had children of her own, she used her decorating skills to plan and carry out beautiful and fun-filled holidays, birthday parties, and celebrations.

Suzzanne sits behind the wheel of Vogue Glamour's first mobile venue, affectionately named "Lucy".

Lucy on her wedding day.

Suzzanne's mom, Michelle,

is always working hard to make

the dream come true!

Suzzanne with her grandmother, Lucy, in front of her Vogue Boutique Shop in Brooklyn, NY.

Lucy on her wedding day.

Vogue Boutique Shop's awesome Christmas décor received a mention in the newspaper!

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